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Chocolate Impressions

Give Something Exceptional
Personalized Favors and Gifts

Wrapper Uses

All Occasion

1. Give personalized candy bars in the place of gift cards for every day occasions: they cost less than a greeting card and give a sweet message!
2. Give candy bar coupons as a special reward to your children for a good deed.
3. Make romance coupons for your special "Sweetie"!
4. Use as place cards for dinner parties.
5. Great party favors for all occasions (anniversary, retirement, special event, etc.)
6. Use candy bars to notify everyone of your new address
7. Send out delicious Thank You notes
8. Attach to gifts as a personalized card.
9. Create a personalized candy bouquet. This makes a very nice gift.
10. Attach to a stuffed animal with a special message.
11. Celebrate the end of a sport season (you could include player stats and photos)
12. Say Thank you to your coach(s) and teammates.
13. Reward students for good grades.
14. Use as gifts for National Teacher Appreciation Week.
15. Give as Thank You to Volunteers.
16. Use in Flower arrangements instead of cards.
17. Sell bars for a fundraiser.
18. Use as a fun icebreaker calling card.
19. Children can give them to classmates at the end of the school year with their phone number and email address on them.
20. Say congratulations with a personalized chocolate bottle.
21. Have a theme party and use candy bars to enhance the event.
22. Make special bars for a class or family reunion.
23. Add a special basket to your Guest room as a special welcome gift.
24. Send a basket to a college student to let them know you are thinking of them.
25. Promote a school event.
26. Give as a Welcome basket – new neighbors, employees, etc.
27. "Random acts of Kindness" give everyone a smile one day.
28. Say you're sorry with a special gift.
29. Send Candy grams throughout the year.
30. Perfect gift for the person who has everything.
31. Make a joke of the day basket for someone in your office or school.
32. Use at church to teach children bible verses – print a verse on each bar.


1. Make a Will You Marry Me basket or Chocolate bottle.
2. Announce engagement to family and friends.
3. Bridal party invitations
4. Add this sweet addition to a bachelor/bachelorette party
5. Use them as Bridal shower party favors.
6. Make a trivia game on the bars with facts about the wedding couple.
7. Make gift baskets for the Wedding party as a special Thank You!
8. Make your fiancé special I love you coupons leading up to the wedding day.
9. Have a bowl of minis at the guest-book and cake/dessert table or sprinkle on table.
10. Use as place cards at your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception


1. Announce your pregnancy to family and friends
2. Use the bars as an invitation to a baby shower.
3. Turn them into a baby shower game. (Guess how many minis are in the jar)
4. Hand out at hospital to family and friends to celebrate the birth of your child.
5. Personalize candy bars for christening celebration.


1. Use candy bars as an invitation to a birthday party – for older children use the chocolate CD's (Use as invitations for a "Sweet 16" Party)
2. Great for party favors
3. Use as Bar/Bat Mitzvah favors and invitations (chocolate CD's work well here)
4. Create a craft project the children can make during the party
5. Make trivia game about the honored person to tell interesting/fun facts about them.
6. Add to pinata as a special treat.


1. Say Thank You to customers and suppliers for supporting your business.
2. Reward your employees with a special treat
3. Attract new customers with special promotions.
4. Use them as business cards.
5. Realtors can give them to customers at closing. Have their new addresses printed on wrapper so the customer can hand them out to friends and family.
6. Realtors can use them at an open house and include their name and number on the back.
7. Use as announcements for a Grand Opening.
8. Promote an upcoming event.
9. Use as a campaigning tool during election time
10. Market your new website.
11. DJ's can give chocolate CD to as a thank you to the client after a party.
12. Give as a "Welcome to the Company" gift.
13. Use for a retirement party.
14. Congratulate a co-worker for a job well done or promotion.
15. Advertise a new job.
16. Promote a new product line for your business.
17. Use as teaser for upcoming company trip.
18. Administrative Professional day is the perfect time to give a special Thank You with a candy bar basket.


1. Valentines Day is perfect to personalize candy bars to say I LOVE YOU!
2. Make romantic Love Coupons or Coupons for children.
3. Mardi Gras Wrappers would be a great way to celebrate the month’s activities.
4. Create a basket with Jokes and Puns for April Fools day.
5. Add them to Easter Baskets and in Easter egg hunts
6. Make special Passover place cards.
7. Use as stocking stuffers
8. Send Candy grams throughout the year.
9. Create a Mother’s Day or Grandmother’s day basket with the pictures of their children and a special message on each bar.
10. Brighten up your local CPA during tax season with some fun IRS Jokes printed on the money wrappers
11. Print quotes from Famous African Americans on bars during Black History Month.
12. Up lift quotes from outstanding women during Women in History Month.
13. Have a basket of bars in your house around the holidays so you have a gift for an unexpected guest.
14. Don’t forget Graduation season. Congratulate a new graduate with personalized gifts they can hand out to classmates. It would be great to put their contact information on them so they can keep in touch.